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A final goodbye - 

While it has been our pleasure to provide sleepwear and service our customers have come to love, Betsy & Lace has made the difficult decision to cease operations by the end of 2022. Many factors have contributed to this tough decision. We will continue to sell the inventory we have in stock, but
will no longer be accepting backorders. Because of the nature of ceasing operations, new purchases will not be eligible for any warranty, exchanges or refunds of any sort and will be sold as-is. Please consider this when making any final purchases. We thank you for trusting us and allowing us to be a part of so many memories!
                               With love & thanks,
                                          Lacey & Jeff

PS – Use code "THANKYOU" for 50%. Enjoy this last chance to order any Betsy and Lace items for the last time! 

Betsy & Lace

For many years our girls and their cousins have loved wearing these vintage dresses. They love them because they are so comfortable!  We think they are pretty dang cute too!  We never thought of them as a business opportunity until we had friends start asking us where they could buy them?  We first looked to find something similar online to direct our friends on where to go.  After discovering there was nothing even close to them online or any other retail store we decided we needed to make them available for everyone.